Line Reckon v. 0.3 beta

Консольная и OnLine-версии

Этот документ должен быть на русском. Буду рад видеть переводы и дополнения в своём почтовом ящике!
(c) Alexandr Ignatiev, 2007
Input linear system in format: 
<number> can be 1 (default), 1998.5, -1e8, 23.4E-12 etc.
limit of precision is about 1e-14.
<variable> must consist of Latin letters ('q' != 'Q'),
numbers 0-9 or '_'s.

Using console:
Type empty line for to be asked for a command:
h - this help
i - edit lines since specified number or go to end if none is
(unmodified lines wouldn't disappear)
x - exit LReck
r - make current line empty and last
other letters - continue.
Remarks about IO:
1) Text file or file list with any input can be specified
to the program in command line as ' lsystem.txt';
2) All output (except help and solutions) is printed on
STDERR, what means they will be on screen and only there if
runned with redirected output like ' > result.txt'.";

Output must be of lines like:
+<variable>=<number> - all right, you've solved it.
<linear composition of variables>=<number> - not enough data
to solve completely, but that is true
=<number> - if '=0', there were duplicated data, as
          - if much more by absolute (as '=-0.8'), 
then it's unsoluable system, and ignore all other lines!

Буду рад всем багам по консоли и вебу!


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